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Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger Came by this on checking out Heavy Planets top 20 albums of 2014, in at number 14 MuckRacker with Karmageddon. I hightailed it straight back to the store and there it was. This is getting played to death no problem. Favorite track: Rise Of The Loggerheads.
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released June 16, 2014



all rights reserved


MuckRaker Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta based MuckRaker was formed by former BOILER (Mayhem/Atlantic recording artists) member, Will Price (Bass, Lead Voice) in 2010. In 2014 MuckRaker released their second CD, “Karmageddon”(US). Drummer Chris Tate & Guitarist/Voice Sean Marin round out the line-up. MuckRaker inked a deal with German label, Eternal Sound Records for distribution (2016) of “Karmageddon” throughout Europe, ... more

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Track Name: Karmageddon

What comes around...oh you know the rest

A foothold's been purchased in the West

The fools and the peasants bow to The Crest

Tricked to believe riches make it blessed


The hammer falls hard on the peasant folk

The fools must also bear the yoke

The Crest, it laughs at it's own joke

The punch-line; Fools and Peasants choke



Divide and conquer.

Reap what you sow.

The peasants cringe while their rivers burn

The fools, the just don't seem to learn

The Crest cares not for their concerns

The Outrage Machine, it spins and churns



What comes around, goes around.

Track Name: Rise Of The Loggerheads
Rise Of The Loggerheads

Watching you slam your tea, it finally occurred to me.
That the know-nothings and the do-nothings have more in common than the eye can see.

Waving that flag around.
Misspelled signs abound.
Little girls with the imaginary friends make a goddamn awful sound.


Rise up all you Loggerheads.
Go and crash the party.
We've seen this movie before.
Rise up all you Loggerheads.
Go and crash the party.
You'll make it an uncivil war.

Me myself and I.
Everyone else can die.
The mouth breathers and the soul cleaners drink Kool-Aid with their apple pie.

Useful idiots.
They sucked out all of your wits.
Then your master of disaster sold you a bag of dirty tricks.


Your master sits us down to share a six pack.
He then takes 5, tells you "Hey watch your back."
He points at me, "Keep an eye on that one. He'll take all you have left until it's gone."

God,gays, and guns.
Screw those S.S. funds.
Who needs facts when it comes to tax?
No worries when the rapture comes.

Track Name: All Hail Mary
All Hail Mary

Born on the day of self-realization.
Unto a frightening world.
Fevers kill and the ground it shakes.
And fire rains down from the sky.


She's The Mouth Of God
They believe her claim.
And the people flock.
And the people sing...


All Hail Mary!!!
They ring the bell.
They pray the prayers.
They close their eyes.

She built the people a cathedral of lies.
With the help of the king.
On their word they wage crusades.
They kill,they die, they're made insane.



Theocracy, my country tis of thee.

Theocracy, Mary sleeps with the king.

It's The Holy Hand Grenade.

Pull the fuckin' pin.


Man will never be free
until the very last King
has been strangled with the entrails

of the very last priest.


Track Name: Rusticus (The Alarm Part 2)
Rusticus (TheAlarm-Part 2)

From The Revolution
'Til tomorrow's end.
The Affluenza plagues the land.
It started with the British, then migrated south.
This disease of the rich...knock it out.


We've been Monetized.

We've been Super-Sized.

We've been Bulletized.

The robber barons take the cake. They even got the gall.
The Wobblies said fuck this shit and got on the ball.
"Fighting" Bob Lafollette, ready for any bout.
This disease of the rich...knock it out.


*The Affluenza for many years under control.
But then came the man, bedtime for Bonzo.
He pulled out his Ray-Gun, and shot Uncle Sam.
Then turned it on every child, woman, and man.

The million dollar men convince you that we're enemies.
While we subsidize them and their life of ease.
Our contributions go up, and theirs go down.
This disease of the rich...knock it out.


Track Name: Warlord!

I punch holes in the earth and at the bottom of the sea.
I punch holes in the sky. A Reign In Blood to be.
I boil all the oceans and burn all the land.
That's where I draw a line in the tar sands.


It's a battle of wits.
With an un-armed twit.
Liars can figure, but figures don't lie.

I turned you over, Fracked you, while you lay there and slept.
The best damn secret that I ever kept.
The glaciers will melt, and the trees will fry.
My pockets fill up while the rest of you die.

Track Name: The Brotherhood Of Man
The Brotherhood Of Man

The rabble rousers come,the young and the old.

They pitch their tents,the only thing they haven't sold.
They file in, and take a deep breath.

Knowing full well, they will be sprayed with death.

Arising from The Sea Of Zeros And Ones.

The Nameless People now stealthily come.

They all log on, and prepare for the attack.

The glow of their enemies,they'll violently hack.


Send in the drones.
Ordered the CEO.
Send in the drones.
We'll drive those bastards all back home.

The Blue Collar Guild leave the factories;

The schools and the kitchens;

The fields and the sea.

What once was new now is The Raw Deal.

The time has arrived to fight the Iron Heel.


'Cept they got no home.
Track Name: Red Vulture
Red Vulture

Lend me an ear and I'll rip it off, I own the airwaves.
Sip my venom and come along, this is my day.
I destroy my foes, with my wormtounge.
I will never see the inside of a prison.


Red Vulture
Comfort the comfortable
Red Vulture
Crush the crush-able
Red Vulture
Kill the rest
Red Vulture

A pox on all of your houses, by my decree.
Then I take them from thee, unto me.
Antisappointment,your lot in life.
Picking at your corpse before I take a bite.


I hereby formally foreclose on your whole life and your future.
I repossess and take away every trinket that you have.
Maintaining that I'll live forever, never dying, endure.
While you reside in poverty, a rented body bag.

Track Name: Human

I feel no pain. Not self aware.

I cannot breathe, any air.

I have no pulse. No Blood.

I do not feel, any love.

The Citizens United.
We won't be divided.
'Cause we masquerade as you...HUMAN!
The Nations United
They will be divided
'Cause we masquerade as you...HUMAN!

I now enjoy, freedom of speech.

In secrecy, I impeach.

5 little piggies, made the call.

They are Supreme, after all.


This land is my land.

It's not your land.

It was made for me!

Track Name: Smart A.L.E.C.
Smart A.L.E.C.

Boundaries don't know my name.

Nor do the rest of you.

While you play all your games.

Bread and circus hides my coup.


Shoot first, stand your ground...

Was a gift to The Big Box.

And your wages kept down.

And your ballot blocked.

I only work behind the scenes.
Write the laws that kill THE dream.
My fingers crossed behind your back.
That's why they call me Smart A.L.E.C.

For my friends I procure.

But won't let you have.

The keys to YOUR future.

Locked up tight in my grasp.



Have 2 Kochs and a smile.

With some Austerity.

Balance is too vital.

Though, you will have to bleed.


Track Name: Too Much Metal For One Hand
Too Much Metal For One Hand

Most of our lives we've been rocking and a rolling.
Drinking and a smoking.
Pissing off the neighbors, and they call the cops.
But we just couldn't stop.
Down by the river, and back in the woods.
Moshing everywhere we could.
Sabbath and Slayer and all the hard-core.
Those were the days of yore.

Got too much metal for one hand.
Got too much metal for one hand.
They tried to stop us, but hot damn.
Got too much metal for one hand.

We were always where the rubber meets the road.
Ears implode.
Load up the van.
Don't forget to bring the beer!
They won't serve us here.
The sound guy sucks, but aww shucks.
We just sucked it up.
The sweat, the blood...till the day we die.
Raise those horns up high\mm/


We had our marching orders.
And to this day we still march on.